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Bahtera Budaya

Salam, Kia ora, Hello!

Bahtera Budaya (lit. 'Cultural Vessel') is a dance group made of Malaysian students based in Wellington, New Zealand. The group has performed numerous dancing styles for special occasions, particularly cultural events. Their dances range from cultural/traditional to contemporary, and they are assisted by creative and experienced dancers of diverse backgrounds.

To view some of their past performances, please go to these links on the Youtube page of one of last year's dancers. The video links below are from the 2009 Asean Night Market.

- Mangunatip (cultural)
- Inang Renek (cultural)
- Datun Julut (cultural)
- Arus (contemporary)

If you are interested to find out more about Bahtera Budaya, please contact us with your questions, comments, suggestions etc via our email (, or even in the blog itself.

"Dancing can reveal all the mystery that music conceals."

~Charles Baudelaire Regards,
WMSO Committee

Photos & videos courtesy of Elun &am…