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WMSO Compulsory Registration

Perhatian kepada semua pelajar pelajar Malaysia yang berada di Wellington, tak kisah pelajar lama, ataupun pelajar baru, anda semua diwajibkan mendaftar dengan WMSO pada hari Selasa atau Khamis minggu hadapan, bersamaan 1 atau 3 Mac 2011.

Maklumat terperinci ialah seperti berikut:
Date: 1st March 2011 (Tuesday) and 3rd March 2011 (Thursday)
Time: 11 am - 2 pm
Place: Behind Rankine Brown Library, (Kelburn Campus) VUW
Fee : CASH ONLY NZ$10 dollars (renew membership) / NZ$15 dollars (register membership)Mengapa anda  diwajibkan mendaftar dengan WMSO?
Registering with WMSO will enable us to identify and help you in case of emergency (i.e: natural disaster) as Malaysian Student Department (MSD) only have the copy of students' details taken from WMSO. Thus, if you DO NOT REGISTER, then your whereabouts will not be in the database and it will make it harder for us (WMSO and other Malaysian agencies) to help you in time of need. Plus, we will be giving REFERENCE NUMBER to all WMSO members w…

Sistem bank di Wellington New Zealand

Hi peeps. It has been almost a week since you guys are here; for the newcomers. I see that many of you have not known much about our banking system in Wellington. If there is any mistake you can voice out your opinion in the comment section. Please check for the answer on the next day.

Needless to say, these two are the most popular bank services among Malaysian Wellingtonians. I hear that National Bank is a daughter company of ANZ; some say it is the other way around, and some other say that they are of sister companies. It's not important anyways.

One advantage of NB credit card over ANZ's is that you can collect points by using their credit card. So, for people who use credit card a lot (like me), it is a sound idea to apply for National Bank credit card.

Anyway, this post is intended to show you a bit about ANZ Online transaction. I know some of us are not tech-savvy and using these things at first could be difficult. No worries, we are here to guide you.

1. Login to your o…

Selamat datang pelajar MARA dan JPA

Kami daripada Wellington Malaysian Student Society (WMSO) dengan berbesar hatinya mengucapkan selamat datang kepada pelajar yang baru tiba semalam di Wellington International Airport.

Dan selamat menyesuaikan diri dengan Wellington
More photos (unedited, some are blurry) HERE

VUW MyQual Software Testing

Perhatian kepada semua pelajar Victoria University of Wellington, terutamanya pelajar-pelajar yang tidak mengambil jurusan TESL/TESOL, satu iklan telah ditampal pada dinding Faculty of Science untuk menjemput anda semua menjadi tester untuk software baru MyQual.

SOftware ini bertujuan untuk menyenangkan pengurusan dan perancangan kursus yang anda buat. Menurut iklan tersebut, software berkenaan akan

menganalisa kursus anda, subjek-subjek yang anda perlu ambil, dan juga subjek-subjek yang anda masih perlu ambilKebiasaanya benda ni boleh dilakukan dengan berjumpa koordinator atau staf di fakulti masing-masing tapi dengana danya applikasi/software sebegini, anda dapat menjimatkan masa dan merancang perjalanan akademik anda sambil makan biskut cicah air kopi depan komputer.
Tarikh tamat permohonan percubaan ialah pada 30 September 2011. Sila emailkan nombor dan nama yang tertera pada student ID anda untuk menggunakan software tersebut ke dengan subjek: I want to be MyQual…

13 February | Istana Malaysia Wellington City Dinner

You guys still remember about that dinner we had at Istana Malaysia Restaurant last night? It is in the newspaper today, yay! Electronic Bernama Newspaper, actually but still, it counts.

So for those who are bloggers, or write on any social networks' notes, you are advised to be extra careful from now on as it is said clearly in this news that action will be taken on inappropriate usage of internet.

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