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We are pretty sure that many of us Malaysians who come to New Zealand are most likely to end up buying new phones here because some of us just can resist the offers and plans especially when it comes to Iphones. While Iphones and Android phones are the most sought after types of cellphones, we tend to forget the old ones that had been helpful so far. Mine ended up being left under my bed for almost 2 years but hey, it is still working!

But im not a businessman, neither a casanova to have multiple working phones at a time. On top of that, I dont find having a mobile phone in Wellington seem to be that big of a deal. Mine rarely rings except when receiving calls from my landlord and bills companies. So, what should I do with the extra, old, and less useful phone?

So, last week I took a stroll along Courtenay Place and stopped by Telstraclear Ltd. outlet there. As I sat by the counter, I saw this tiny envelope

All you have to do is put your old, unwanted in this envelope and follow the i…