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Happy Diwali

WMSO would like to wish Happy Deepavali to all Hindus and those who celebrate the Festivalof Lights.

Have a very great celebration and Happy 'Summer'!

Good luck!

Hello everyone!

The semester's almost over! Time sure flies like an arrow! I bet everyone is busy finishing up those last assignments and preparing for the exams? Study week is coming up, hope everyone will use that time wisely. To those who do not have exams, lucky you!

Anyways, WMSO committee would like to wish all of you the very best of LUCK for the exams!
All the best to all :)

Summer's coming up! To those who are going back, have a nice time in Malaysia! To those who are travelling somewhere, have fun!

Take care for now

It sure is getting hotter... :-P

A little bird told me that

there is something going on with F and F

I and A are getting closer

N and N are officially together

Now tell me, can I trust this little bird? What do you think? It sure is getting hot here in Welly aye?

Loving Season?

Lately, we heard few stories. Just rumours?

R dah official dgn S? Betul ke?Si M masakkan rendang special utk Si Abang?Pelajar Tahun Kedua cuba memikat Junior?Berpakaian sedondon ke open house. Ade apa2 ke?Selalu BerYM dan Facebook?

jeng..jeng..jeng.. promised :)

Hi everyone,
Sorry it took longer to upload these photos! Enjoy!

Open House @ TeKota

The guests...

On the way to Maurice Tce!

Open House @ Maurice Tce

Yummy food!

Zaty and Jo

Farah serving drinks!

Open House @ AC International

"Ribun taufan pun berhenti, Jo tak berhenti"

Ila and Paah

Open House @ Manners St

Open House @ Hicomm

Our VP, Apo,while waiting for the guests to arrive...

Bukan hari-hari dapat tengok Poqy macam ni...hehe

Raya Fever :)

Hello Wellingtonians!

How's your raya celebration going? :) Hope everyone is having a great time attending open houses :-) and eating great food! (I've gone to 4 today!). I'll upload the photos that I took today soon so keep coming back to check out the photos okay :-)

Anyway, as we all know, HICOMM will be hosting an open house this Sunday, 5th October 2008 from 1-4.30 p.m! So, don't forget to come with your friends and just enjoy the great food! You might even win some duit raya if your dedication gets chosen to be read out by you!

So, if you haven't send in your raya dedication, go on and send it in!!! :) :) :)

Hope you will have a great weekend! Looking forward to see all of you at the HICOMM open house this Sunday!

Take care for now :)

More Raya Pictures!

If you want to share any pictures, just email it to us! (

Salam Lebaran

Assalamualaikum dan Selamat Sejahtera.

Hello Wellingtonians! WMSO would like to wish all of you 'Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin'.

So, how's your celebration going on so far? Good? Well, we hope that you have a very great Eid Mubarak in Wellington this year.

Also, we heard that some of you had classes and test this morning. Awww... sorry to hear that. But it's ok guys. Raya kan sebulan. So, we have a lot of time to celebrate Hari Raya and meet each other.

On behalf of MSD, we would like to thank everybody who came to Hicomm this morning for Solat Sunat Eidulfitri. It was so great to see everybody happily shake hands and seek forgiveness from each other. May Allah bless all of us in this month of Syawal.

Here are few photos during the ceremony. More photos will be posted soon. So, stay tuned with us =)

Above : WMSO High Committee 2009

Above: Our hardworking VP (cleaning the hall)

<-- Abang-abang yg segak bergaya