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Nominate your new Committees!!

Salam, Kia ora, Hello!

Dear all WMSO members,

Have you ever noticed how FAST the time flies? Hey look, it is already one year since the last Annual General Meeting (AGM). And during this time, WMSO would usually hold a new AGM for the next high committee that would be organising the future WMSO events, and specifically for this time round, it would be for WMSO High Committee for 2010/2011.

Just to refresh your mind a little, these are the BIG FIVE of WMSO High Committee 2009/2010:-

President: Kamilah Abdullah
Vice President I: Mohd Aizat Omar
Vice President II: Nurul Adhwa Ali
Secretary: Nurain Nadiah Ab Rahim
Treasurer: Fatin Nur Amirah Shaifudin

These five people have been working hard in managing as well as organising excellent WMSO events for the past year. Well yes, we know that you would miss us (Awww~ So Sad! ), but let's construct the future and make sure that the next WMSO High Committee would be as fun as the previous ones!

But for this year's nomination system, the…