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Malaysia Week Starts Today!

Salam, Hi and Kia Ora to all!

WMSO Lense Moments in collaboration with Chair of Malay Studies (CMS) with help from Tourism Malaysia, Malaysia High Commisioner and Education Malaysia New Zealand (formerly known as MSD) proudly brings to you MALAYSIA WEEK.

Enjoy a fun packed and exciting 2 hours experience everyday, for a WEEK! Yes! A week filled with lots of activities for you to attend and participate. A week to mingle around with international and Kiwi students and have the experience to be the "mini ambassador" (for Malaysian students) and for the Kiwi and international students, this is your time to REALLY GET to know Malaysia and our specialties.

So, lets come and tag along your kiwi friends, your Vietnam friends, or even if you meet strangers at the hallway, do invite them to our only Malaysia Week in this year!

Photoshoot Ahli WMSO di Beehive

Nope this is not a Wordless Wednesday entry...