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Kampung Day: International Edition 2016

Date: 29 May 2016
Time: 8:30am
Venue: Boyd-Wilson Arena

Hi guys!

It cold out there, don't forget to layer up and wake up for your classes (we know its hard)!

Here is the post or update about what's happening last week for those who miss it. Last week, Sunday to be more specific, is one of our most anticipated annual event, Kampung Day! This year round, we also have international student to give it a try to our traditional games. May the kampung force be with you (lame, sorry)!

skip/jump rope. Accompanied with special-made song: Rumah Terbakar
wow, thats what u call focus! urm, this is batu seremban, not muscle-flexing show Thanks for coming friends. Hope you guys had great time! I knew it! You are Jedi! (lame, sorry again)
Well, for those who keen on joining, don't worry! Pass your exams and see you later next year!