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Hi peeps. It has been almost a week since you guys are here; for the newcomers. I see that many of you have not known much about our banking system in Wellington. If there is any mistake you can voice out your opinion in the comment section. Please check for the answer on the next day.

Needless to say, these two are the most popular bank services among Malaysian Wellingtonians. I hear that National Bank is a daughter company of ANZ; some say it is the other way around, and some other say that they are of sister companies. It's not important anyways.

One advantage of NB credit card over ANZ's is that you can collect points by using their credit card. So, for people who use credit card a lot (like me), it is a sound idea to apply for National Bank credit card.

Anyway, this post is intended to show you a bit about ANZ Online transaction. I know some of us are not tech-savvy and using these things at first could be difficult. No worries, we are here to guide you.

1. Login to your online ANZ account
2. Choose your account

You guys can set another account other than your existing ones should you have any important use of it - like, household account to pay for rent, groceries etc. ANZ charges for this new account since it will be not registered under student account. It will be like $5/ month. Take note!

3. Choose your activity - transfer, pay for bills etc.
Online banking keeps record of every transaction done every single time. If there is any suspicious loss of money occur, you can contact them via their hotline 0800 269 296 to inquire, to make complaints, or even chat with that handsome kiwi dude you had never seen.

4. How to Pay Bills?
In order to pay for bills, you will have to know the recipient name. e.g: If you want to pay for Telstra Internet's bill, just give those ANZ people a call and they will set you a link to pay those expensive bill. Like in photo below.

5. Auto-payments
As far as I know, there is no way that you can set this feature online. You will have to go to the nearest ANZ branch and see any of the staffs and ask them to set an auto payment (for rents etc) for you. Here's the list of what you need when you wanna set that thing I was talking about.

  • Your account number
  • Recipient's account number (landlord)
  • The dates of payment
And yeah, that will take not much of your time. This will be very helpful if you are flatting with your friends since UniHall students pay their rent through accommodation offices.

Ok thats all. You are now one slightly knowledgeable than before by reading this and please click the LIKE button below to show your support. Cheers!

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