Good luck!

Hello everyone!

The semester's almost over! Time sure flies like an arrow! I bet everyone is busy finishing up those last assignments and preparing for the exams? Study week is coming up, hope everyone will use that time wisely. To those who do not have exams, lucky you!

Anyways, WMSO committee would like to wish all of you the very best of LUCK for the exams!
All the best to all :)

Summer's coming up! To those who are going back, have a nice time in Malaysia! To those who are travelling somewhere, have fun!

Take care for now


  1. sape yg xde exam tu? sy sgt jelesssss!

  2. hampir semua budak budak tesl .ulang suara, budak-budak tesl.maik junior mahupun senior. mostly takde exam.bahagia sungguh mereka.


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