It sure is getting hotter... :-P

A little bird told me that

there is something going on with F and F

I and A are getting closer

N and N are officially together

Now tell me, can I trust this little bird? What do you think? It sure is getting hot here in Welly aye?


  1. N and N? mcm tau je sape

  2. I and A tu mmg da rapat sgt,yg terseksanya si F ni asyk terganggu dgn deringn fon di bilik,huhu

  3. f, nak hint suh deringkan fon f plak kee?

  4. hahaha... kalau fred ada awek tu maksud dia dunia dah nak kiamat... hahaha

  5. kt tgk I and A time open house esok ek?

  6. Hish! pakai ABCDEFG.. XYZ La plak semua. Confuse orng cmnie dowh..

    I nga A lah..

    F ng F lah...

    M & N lah.. ( M&N)

    K ngn F ngn C lah... ( KFC)!

    Mc ngd D lah.. (McD)!

    "open" jer senang crita ! haha


    time nk exam nie la nk story2 eh..

    papa pun panas! terhangat dipasaran!

  7. ye...dh bestmate dowh. ak tiap2 mlm pon dga ade org ckp sorg2 dlm blk. scary doh.
    btw..i still think wmso is not suitable for gossip.
    sumthin more intellect perhaps?

  8. we'll post something academic soon. just wanna catch ur attention first. hope u guys stay tuned with us. thanks for the comments and ideas.

  9. hek eleh paah,more intellect la konon,ko duk umh tu bc manga ngn lyn anime je pon,haha..

  10. tapi si K tak main manga2 ni, die dok maen game jek..huhu~

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