WMSO Jam '09

Hi all!

As you know, WMSO JAM is coming up this weekend!

Date: 14th March 2009
Time: 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Venue: Student Union Hall, Victoria University of Wellington, Kelburn Campus

Prior to that, we need participants to register in the activities! There are PRIZES to be won!!!



Did you flunk the American Idol auditions? Well here's your chance to prove Simon wrong! We need 8 teams of 4 people to compete with each other in SINGSTAR! You can choose your teammates so hurry up and register! The spaces are limited!


Love your friends, but sometimes wish you could hit them? Well, here's your chance! Get into teams of 5 people to battle it out!

3. Win, Lose or Draw!

Guess what your friend drew to win fabulous prizes! Get into teams of 4!

4. Three-legged Ping Pong!

Want to be a kid again? Here's your chance to re-live it! Get into groups of 8 people for a journey with friends and two ping pong balls!

Hurry up and sign up! Spaces are limited and we work on a 'first come first serve' basis! Don't miss this golden chance to win great prizes!

How to sign up?

Send us an email by Wednesday (11th March) with your:

1. Name
2. Team mates
3. Name of Game

Dress code

On that day, it would be sweet if we all could dress in colors according to your year of study.

1st-years: Blue
2nd-years: Red
3rd-years: White
4th-years upwards: Yellow

This is not compulsory but it's super sweet if you dressed up according to these colors!

Hope to see you all there!
Have a great week!

WMSO Committee.


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