Futsal, anyone?

Welcome back to school.
Welcome back to assignments, tutes and lectures.
Welcome back to checking out that hot lecture/tutemate (or lecturer/tutor?), trying to not sleep in class, and of course, our 'personal' favorite, juicy events.

We've been as busy as you are, planning up a storm to serve you as the official news source for the scandalous eventful lives of Wellington-Malaysian intellects... and do we have news for you!

a new event on the social calendar!

Did the title catch your attention?
We sure hope so, because there's nothing we like more than surprising sprucing up your day with updates on the hot and happening!

We heard some people complaining the Easter break was too short;
not enough fun time,
not enough relax time,
not enough personal time... well you get the picture.

We hear you, and we agree. So we decided to sizzle things up a little.

Here's an inside tip, reader : Futsal's up next on our execution list, and it's coming up soon!
Well... that's a story we can't tell just yet.

In the meantime, think pink (of health), spread the word, and stay tuned.

You know you love us.

XOXO Regards,
WMSO Committee

p/s - Isn't it amusing how Gol & Gincu and Gossip Girl both have GG as their acronym? Hmm.


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