Mixed Netball '09 : report+pics

Salam, Kia ora, Hello!

Today, the morning sky was a brilliant watercolorish light blue and the sun (and not to mention the weather forecast) was projecting promising weather ahead.

After the clock turned 9am, the court started filling in with several groups as they warmed up while waiting for the arrivals of their team members or of their opponent's. By the time their teammates arrived, the players seemed keen to start while the supporters/bystanders looked just as ready to cheer/jeer at the groups.

As soon as the groups in the first match stepped into the ball court, the gameplaying took off wonderfully.

The groups were:
  • Putih
  • Sepakiu
  • Lennon Cute
  • Chillex
  • Baby Blue
  • HICOM (visiting group)

The matches for today were:

  • Sepakiu vs Baby Blue
  • Putih vs Chillex
  • Lennoncute vs Sepakiu
  • Putih vs Baby Blue
  • Lennoncute vs Chillex
  • Sepakiu vs Putih
  • Lennoncute vs Baby Blue
  • Sepakiu vs Chillex
  • Lennoncute vs Putih
  • Chillex vs Baby Blue
  • Putih vs Chillex
  • Lennon Cute vs Sepakiu
Special match (friendly)
  • Putih vs Sepakiu
The overall game results are:
  • 1st place : Putih
  • 2nd place : Sepakiu
  • Consolation prizes : Chillex & Lennon Cute
  • Special prize : visiting team from HICOM (who kicked some serious youknowwhere)
  • Best player (female) : Jijah
  • Best player (male) : Mawi
The winning team of 2009 with the cheeky Elun.


For every player, supporter, seller, buyer, attendee, etc, thank you for being a moving bolt for this event. We deeply apologise for any delay or flaws throughout this event, and we hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

Best wishes for the holidays and come back in one piece y'all ;)

Warmest regards,
WMSO Committee

p/s : We noticed that some first-years arrived right on time to the event, 9am! Awesome attitude, all of you! Let's keep this up! :)

last updated : 10/05/09 @5.09pm


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