Are you with us?

Salam, Kia ora, Hello!

According to our member-info database, some member names did not have with them contact details (phone number and/or email), which we are quite concerned about. So here we would like to make sure that our voice is reaching out to you. We don't want you to hear us from the ends of the echo, we want you to hear us right from the source itself (=us). We want you to get WMSO updates that are untouched, unfiltered, uncensored, all that stuff.

Basically put, we want you to know what's up with us directly from us.

So, how DO you find out if you're on our email list for, y'know, updates and stuff?
  1. Open your favorite (or not) web browser.
  2. In the link field, or by clicking your bookmark tab, or whatever, get to your email provider website(s).
  3. Login to your email(s) using appropriate login information.
  4. Check your inbox folder for messages from sender "WMSO NZ", i.e. in the year you are in, of course.
  5. If #4 shows null results, repeat with bulk / spam / $1bil-bank-transfer-deals folder.
  6. If #5 shows null results as well, please panic inform us about this by sending us an email with your name & contact details and we'll update 'em soon-ish.
Of course, this is if and only if you're a registered member of our organisation. If you're not, or if you forgot whether or not you've registered, or some other obscure case, just leave us a message here at this blog anyway. Good to hear from y'all. :)

Teh Uber Warmest Regards,
WMSO Committee

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