Pre-Bersatu Games Updates

Salam, Kia ora, Hello!

last year's training

Electronic WMSO mails have already been sent out to all its members to notify / remind / announce the soon-ish arrival of this year's Bersatu Games. This time around, Palmerston North's the host of this augural event, and it's going to be held between 5-10th July.

Venue's set, dates are set, so now all we need to get our ball rollin are athletes!

So come on over to our auditions (no Cowell remarks, assured) and trainings (for those who made it, or just to give support)! You can find the pdf version of the schedule here to find out more.

Lastly, hope all is well with uni and life and everything in between and not.

Stay warm and cool! ;)

WMSO Committee


  1. I miss Wellington so much.. pernah stay kat Mckenzie .. and selalu study kat library..malam2.

    Bukak puasa kat Stafford .. ramai2 dengan geng satu kelas.. sedihnya dah lama tak duduk kat Wellington..rasa rindu plak suasana kat Welly.. dia punya pelabuhan (tempat selalu jogging).

    Kalau ada duit ..dah lama..rasa nak fly balik ke Welly..


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