Jom Bersatu!

Salam, Kia ora, Hello!

Basically, this entry is about:

- WMSO supporters of the Bersatu Games, and
- WMSO tees

WMSO Supporters

As we all know, the Bersatu Games is happening between the 5th-10th July 09 in Palmerston North this year! Athletic performance has always been better if there are supporters, so let's all come together to support the orange team!

So, are you planning to go to Palmerston North to support the team?

If your answer is yes, it'd be awesome if you informed us about it!
Please provide details (by 10th June):

1. When will you be there (duration, eg. 4-11th July 2009);
2. Where will you be staying?

Please let us be in the know about your Bersatu-supporter plans via our official email Your participation is greatly appreciated! :)



The limited edition ever-exclusive WMSO tees is now up for sale!

Be orange and be proud with this year's flashirt! And with the BERSATU Games approximately one month away, what better way for you to show your support for WMSO but with a WMSO tee?

(click to enlarge)



Prices for this year's tee remains the same as per last year at NZD 20 each. You can order via the web, our reps (Iqmal, Shufaiha, or Ellina), or our specifically-shirt-ordering email (

Please note that you need to order your tee(s) by the 14th of June, the latest.

Till then, keep warm!

WMSO Committee

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