Calling all Creative People!

Salam, Kia ora, Hello!

As the email suggests, WMSO will be having a talent night come August 14th. But it's not much fun if we're watching only the performers do their stuff on stage, let's be under the spotlight too!

Therefore, this year's Talent Night comes with the special need to wear COSTUMES!

Yup. Not just getting dressed, not just fancy outfits with heels or matching accessories etc. You gotta come in a costume. Read on! :)


Who Might S/he Outshine?: WMSO Talent and Costume Night
Date: 14 August 2009
Venue: Studion Union Hall
Time: 6.30-10.00 p.m.


General :
  • Compulsory for everyone, because it's fun to wear and look at people's costumes!
Theme :
  • Anything starting with the letters W, M, S or O (Malay or English)
  • Inspirations (examples):

Mona Lisa

Willy Wonka


Obor-obor (jellyfish)

Michael Jackson

  • Prizes will be given to the BEST DRESSED MALE AND FEMALE based on your votes! So come up with the most creative costume you can make/mix up! :D

Rules :
  • Nothing obscene (keep it clean, you know what we mean)
  • Be respectful of others (e.g. Culture, Religion)
  • Don't forget the W, M, S or O theme! :)

General :
  • All talents are welcome (refer to rules below)
  • Maximum 7 minutes
  • Solo or group act
  • Cool prizes to be won for the top three acts! ;)

Rules for performance :

  • No hazardous acts (e.g fire, sharp objects)
  • Nothing obscene

Registering for your performance :

Email us with these details before the 5th August 2009:
  • Name(s)/Group name:
    (For group acts, please specify the number of people in the group)

  • Type of act:

We're excited to see what everyone will come as/up with!

So now that you know, get creative people and see you there! :)

WMSO Committee


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