2010 WMSO Annual General Meeting

Salam, Kia ora, Hello!

Tomorrow will be WMSO's first ever event for 2010, and we're pretty sure you don't want to miss being a part of it! :D

This event is important because it creates a(n informal) platform to get members to meet or sort out their club registration for those who haven't completed theirs. One of our major aims, however, is to encourage members to build up their leadership & management skills as well as their resume for personal/professional development.

The details are thus:
Date: March 6th 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 10am-12pm
Venue: Meeting Rooms 1 & 2, Student Union Building, Kelburn campus.

In case you were wondering, morning tea will be served (and you can never go wrong with free food, especially by WMSO ;) ). So all you need to do is bring along your friends, get to know new/old Malaysian students here in Wellington, catch up with the ones you rarely see, and just enjoy yourself. It's going to be a good time to mingle around, since everyone's not tearing their hairs out of stress bundled down by a plethora of academic commitments as of yet. :)

For those who weren't around to (re-)register as a member during Club Week (ie. this week), you're definitely able to join tomorrow.

For those who haven't paid the annual fee (Jrs: $10, Srs: $5) yet, you may pay via cash to the 2009/2010 WMSO High Committee as well.

Thanks again for your interest in joining the club, and we're hoping/expecting to see new as well as familiar faces at the AGM tomorrow.

Datang, jangan tak datang! :)
(Come, don't not come!)

WMSO Committee


  1. errr I think we should make an entry for the dance thing as well. Details are needed. Maybe there are people who will be interested then, who knows?


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