The Bunny Is Saying Something:

Salam, Kia ora, Hello!

Oh comes one night when the full moon glow,
two eyes shall vonder and hunger follow,
with vone(one) hand carry a candle glow,
with teeth and fangs sharper than arrow.

Ven time shall come for it to happen,
I vill eat your pesky children,
their tender meat make very good stew,
their soft bones ahh vonderful chew,
Vhen dark descends and full moon reborn,
for I shall lurk and children begone!
Beware-beware of the evil stare,
fear oh fear for the evil grinch is here.....

Okeh, pengajaran sebenarnya, jaga diri masa Easter Break ni ye kawan-kawan semua. Jangan nak melompat sana sini nanti semua susah. 
Bagi yang ada assignment jangan tunggu sampai nak habis cuti baru nak buat
Ok take care, have a great holiday!

WMSO Committee


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