Salam, Kia ora, Hello! Regards, WMSO Committee

Hi all,

We are delighted to announce the very first event that would be conducted by MSCWMSCW or also known as Malaysian Students Council Wellington is a council combining all THREE big clubs in Wellington; Wellington Malaysian Students Organisation (WMSO), Wellington UMNO Club (WUC) and Wellington Malaysian Post-Grad Society (WMPGS).

On behalf on MSCW, we WMSO, would like to announce our very first event, Wellington BERSAMA. This event is basically a telematch event that can be joined by all of MSCW's members. This would be the chance for all of us to get together, especially with people that we don't usually see around. 

The details of this coming event are as attached below:

Date: 29 May 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 10 AM - 2 PM
Venue: Botanical Garden, Wellington

As we are expecting there would be a lot of people coming, it would be a fantastic idea if you could bring along some mats for you later on. 

During the telematch, each of you would be assigned to a single 'Rumah Sukan'. There would be four 'Rumah Sukan' altogether. 

There are several games that would be contested on that day. The games are listed below:

1. Galah panjang
2. Tiup tepung dalam gula-gula
3. Belon berair
4. Isi air dalam botol
5. Baju kreatif
6. Ikat kaki tiga
7. Tarik tali (15 people in one team)
8. Pecahkan belon (Children)
9. Kepit bola (Children)
10. Lari 50 Meter (Children)

In addition to that, some light lunch (well, not so light) would also be provided on that day. 

The foods are like roti jala, potato chips and wedges. And yea, obviously, drinks would also be provided. 

To make the preparation of this event much smoother a RSVP to this event would be needed. Please do send an email to Nurul Adhwa Ali's

Please put on the email subject as RSVP BERSAMA. In addition to that, please include your name and age. And if you are also bringing your family members, please also do include your family members' names and their ages as well. Your RSVP must be emailed to the email address above before 26 May 2010 (Wednesday) at 4.00 PM.

So people, COME ALONG and join Wellington BERSAMA on this weekend!. 

Thank you very much.

Best Regards,
Nurain Nadiah Ab Rahim [Naddy]
(WMSO Secretary 2009/2010)

also on behalf of MSCW

P/S: Sape tak datang akan digigit oleh WMSOR!!!
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