WMSO Annual Dinner 2010

Salam, Kia ora, Hello!

How have you been?We would like to inform you that we will have WMSO Annual Dinner before the semester ends.It's a tradition to have annual dinner every year to celebrate WMSO members and more important is, to gather everyone around and have some fun while enjoying the food.Here' s the detail:

Theme : Malam Seri Budaya
Date : 18th October 2010 (Monday)
Venue : Westpac Stadium, Level 2 West Lounge
Time : 8pm-11pm
Ticket price : NZD 50

For your information, the ticket price accounts for food cost only while we will sponsor the venue cost.Eat all you can guys! Not to mention, we will have a lucky draw session, few performances from the students and many great foods awaiting you.

Payment method:
1) Online banking (06-0606-0131830-04)
2) Cash to any of the high committees :
Naddy (0210314617)
Sharil (02102551681)
Farah (0226706043)
Zack (0226921633)
Arif (0226726401)

Deadline of payment : 15th October 2010

For futher inquiries, you are welcome to ask any of us through email or phone number.That's all for now.We will update latest information about this event later.Cheers.

Regards,WMSO Committee


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