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Selamat Datang, Haere Mai, and Welcome to the Wellington Malaysian Students Organization (WMSO) official blog. This blog provides you with the information about the organization and its latest updates and activities.

Our Mission

Wellington Malaysian Students Organization (WMSO) is an association that acts as a big umbrella for Malaysian students in New Zealand.

Like a family away from home, we try to shield our members from feeling alone/lonely in a foreign country by trying to ensure that the welfare of our members is constantly being looked into. Having said that, we actively hold/participate in awesome events every year to bring Malaysian students together. We also often work hand in hand with our affiliates to fulfill this goal, so there will be more chance to mingle around with people from other clubs or even nationalities!

Basically put, we aim to become a platform for friendship where members can become family... and we're ready take on Wellington & the world, Malaysian style. :)

Our Logo

Our logo is made up of the letters W-M-S-O resembling a keris, a traditional weapon symbolising our strength and spirit without sacrificing our identity.

The M is coloured a vivid blood red, the colour of passion and bravery for the sacrifices that we had to make to be where we are now. The M is emphasized to remind us that we are all, despite our skin color, faith, and perhaps even university course, Malaysians... strong, passionate, brave Malaysians.

WMSO was initially established as a platform for Malaysian students in Wellington to come together and get to know each other better regardless of their race, religion and political standing. Today, WMSO has certainly matured and become more than just that – proving its credibility as a registered club under the Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association (VUWSA), we are committed to making sure the welfare and growth of our members are very well taken care of, providing them with the opportunity to embrace their time in Wellington to the fullest.

Holding true to the spirit of togetherness and friendship, WMSO is constantly working hand in hand with our affiliates to put forward informative and innovative events for the members to participate in. On top of that, WMSO has also played a significant role for the members and the Wellington’s Malaysian community as a whole by supporting and promoting their involvement in various events all over New Zealand. This only means, more chance to extend your network to other clubs and even people of other nationalities!

Take your time to explore the blog and find out more about what we do, our administration, members, and their experiences and what it is like to be a member of a loving community, away from home. 

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