Ini ialah post peringatan kepada semua ahli WMSO tentang perjumpaan kita yang telah dijadualkan untuk berlangsung pada hari Ahad ini bersamaan 20 Mac 2011 bermula pada jam 11 pagi di Everton Hall.

Assalamualaikum and Hi to all,
For those who love playing ping pong and pool, you might want to consider reading this. WMSO will be having its 'WMSO-PONG TOURNAMENT'! Yeah, WMSO-PONG!
Here are the details of it:
Games : Ping pong and PoolDate : 20th March 2011Time : 2 pm - 5 pmVenue : Everton Hall
Yup, it is on the same day with WMSO IGM. We're doing this as we are currently searching for potential athletes for ping pong and pool to represent WMSO in BERSATU GAMES 2011 which will be held on 1st - 5th July 2011 in Dunedin, New Zealand.
1 dollar fee is charged per person for this WMSO-PONG Tournament. If you are interested to participate, you can send your details (NAME, PHONE NUMBER) to this email, wmsonz@gmail.com before 20th March. Come and join us! Other members are also invited to come and give support to your friends. The more the merrier! =) 
Below is some info about BERSATU Games:
"As you are all aware, the BERSATU GAMES is an annual event for all Malaysian tertiary students based in New Zealand, endorsed by the Malaysian Students Department of the High Commision of Malaysia in New Zealand. The official list of sports to be contested this year will be hockey (mixed), badminton (single, double and mixed), netball (women), futsal (men and women), volleyball (mixed), handball (men and women), ping pong (men and women), ultimate Frisbee (mixed), pool (mixed), takraw (men), touch rugby (men), and basketball (men)."
Guys, this is the time for you to show your sportsmanship by participating in any sports that you intend to. This A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY! You won't be able to gain experience competing in overseas in other places. We know that many of you have very good potential in sports. So, why don't you give it a try! Besides, you can travel to South Island at the same time. 2 in 1 meh! :D
For any inquiries regarding WMSO-PONG Tournament or BERSATU Games, please contact Syamel (0211854076) or Wawan (0226726400).
ATAU, periksa emel korang sebab kami dah hantar maklumat tentang IGM Ahad ini kepada semua ahli berdaftar :)


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