WMSO Malaysian Night Market 2011

One thing everyone has in common these days, if not being rendered catatonic with the thought of facing final examinations this coming June, is being choked to death by assignments. Being busy at this hectic time means that we eat less quality food; and by that, I mean, really quality food -  not Maggi, not Ruski, and most certainly, not pizzas (although if you want to buy me one, I wouldn't mind)

Having limited or no time at all, we are also limited to our beloved Malaysian cooking and because of that, WMSO is proudly presenting you with our 2011 Malaysian Night Stall!

And so, in conjunction with this event, we are warmly welcoming anyone, let it be a representative(s) of a Malaysian Community Group, a subgroup from a batch of students who came along together to study here

like these guys from last year. I dont even know who that guy in red anymore :P
or even members of a particular residential building (depends on where you live) to come up with your very own stalls. Sell whatever food you want! I personally craving for a laksa now. Check your email for details.

So, if you think you're up to cook some delicious food and be very certain not to kill anyone with it by any means, you are welcomed to submit your details here. Oh wait, you can also sell anything including tudung on that day! Just kindly tell us in email these things:

Name : 
What do you want to sell :
Phone num :
Email :
with the understanding that you do have to pay NZD10 per stall for it. It is probably nothing considering the profit you could gain if you really put effort in selling your hand-made cooking. All applications will be reviewed and confirmed later.

and I seriously craving for a Penang Laksa


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