Problem Much With Library's Wi-Fi?

Written by: The RagePanda

As we are approaching the end of semester 1, I reckon many of us are being enthralled into finishing our last assignments, tests and..whatever. For people who bring their personal netbooks to Uni and staying long hours at the library to finish and apparently submit their assignments, internet disconnection can be seriously detrimental to our mental health system.

Some have reported that Vic Uni's library has not provided good enough Wi-Fi service to its student but pushing my bigotry of going against the system for a while and going around the floor to make some observations, I found out that the reason I could not connect to victoria wi-fi or getting disconnected might have actually came from my computer's problem. I used a Windows XP Pro on a Dell Netbook; while a friend who's also facing the same problem, using a Asus with Win 7 laptop
So here's a way on how to fix the connectivity problem. It was actually caused by Microsoft's problem; due to some resources and it says the problem can be seen much in Win XP-based computers

• Go to Control Panel.
• Choose Administrative Tools.
• Select Services. A two-pane window comes up.
• In the right-hand pane, scroll down and click Wireless Zero Configuration.
• Click Stop the Service. A progress bar may come up briefly.
• Click Start the Service. Again, a progress bar may come up.
• Close the Services window. At this point, Fleishman said, the connection should come back.

Above tutorial is for Win XP, and as for Windows 7, there's no known fix to me and the best tips I could provide for now is to keep trying to connect the normal way and type in in the address bar of your internet browsers to get access to the student's login page.

If there's any tech-problem that stops you from being a functional student at the library, you can go to the north end of Rankine Brown's second floor and get help from our lovely technician there.

Also, WMSO wish you all the best for your suffering this coming month. Adios


  1. That's the building of Alan MacDiarmond!!

  2. hahaha dont be too detailed Lisa. thats the only photo I could get my hands on


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