Of Bahtera Budaya and RWC 2011

The kick-off has started for Rugby World Cup 2011 here in New Zealand and in conjunction with the much anticipated event, our very own Bahtera Budaya has been invited to promote Malaysian culture through our dance!

They most probably are intrigued and attracted to our past performances here in New Zealand. To name a few, Asian Night Market 2011, and Asian Night Market 2010 . Thanks to the zeal and enthusiasm that our representatives had shown throughout these years, we are now (In NZ) very well-known for out multiculturalism

There are some more events that involved Bahtera Budaya group but unfortunately I have no access to those photo albums nor was I even at those events due to personal bereavement. Hence, not mentioning them in this blog post.

For those who are ignorant of the NZ RWC 2011 Multicultural Week, please be advised that it will be held this Saturday, 17th Sept 2011 at Wellington Town Hall . And for the gist of what will be presented by our team, please watch the following video:

Video source: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=2469128288009

Many thanks to Hazwan (Awah Juwe) and Atiq Haleme for being the core of Bahtera Budaya for this coming event. WMSO is much obliged to your deed.

Ah, and for the last reminder, please bring your gold coin ($1 or $2) to this event as there will be a leprechaun who collects your entrance fee (read: donation) there.

We hope to see as many WMSO members as possible. See you there!


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