WMSO 2012 Video Competition : Inspire Me

Salam and Kia Ora!

WMSO (Biro Fotografi & Biro Media dan Hebahan) presents you the “Inspire Me” Video Competition. We welcome entries from all of you for the chance to win some cash (+ shopping vouchers).

The objective of the competition is to offer our members the opportunity to showcase their talents and share their creative vision in the form of digital videos containing motivational/inspirational thoughts. More details on the competition below:

Entries can be in the form of Cheers; Songs; Documentaries; Short films; OR All in one. Please specify your video
type based on the following codes:
  • Cheers
  • Songs
  • Documentaries
  • Short films
  • All in One
Time length: 1 -3 minutes
Format: Video (mp4)

Terms and Condition
  • Individual or groups
  • Originality

o For Documentaries (A3) and Short films (A4), you may use background music/audio from any
other sources from your own.
o For Songs (A1) and Cheers (A2), must be an original piece (no covers).
  • Sensitivity
o Religious – be aware of sensitive issues across any religion
o Choice of words – no harsh, vulgar words etc.
  • Judging
70% - 30%
o 70% - Judges
o 30% - Public voting on YouTube (most liked videos)


Please email the details of your entry to wmsonz@gmail.com including this info:

Phone No:
Email address:
Video type: The softcopy of your video(s) however needs to be submitted by hand to the Committee members (MP4 file in a flash drive). Please contact Nadiah Zainal (02102276253) or Asfan Nazilah (0220663912) to arrange the meeting for this.

In case you dont have any idea on how to start, a video sample was made to inspire you guys. Enjoy :)


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