MyProdigy Wintec Research Project

Event: MyProdigy Wintec Research Project
Date: 25 May 2015
Place: Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec), Hamilton, New Zealand. 

Towards Malaysia-New Zealand 2 way collaborations in the areas of youth development, social entrepreneurship and social innovation.
to strengthen the youth unity through individual personality traits for leadership and teamwork towards our journey of 1Malaysia nation building.
A national program designed to develop and enhance the personality strengths and style of our Malaysian youths for the purpose of national building and portraying a strong and united generation.

What is MyProdigy?
1. To identify the brain dominance, mindset strength, thinking patterns and natural talent of each individual student. 
2. To recommend to the students the learning styles and learning techniques that are consistent with their brain dominance
3. To propose methods of teaching and learning for teachers and counselors in the classroom to increase student understanding 
4. A sustainable system which involves the students, teachers as well as the parents/guardians
5. The profiles of the students and classes can assist teachers in understanding a more effective engagement in the learning process
6. Increase the confidence level of the students and their directions after SPM/STPM

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