International Friendship Day 2015

Event: International Friendship Day (IFD)
Date: 30th July 2015
Time: 11:00 am until 4:00 pm
Venue: Student Union Building, Kelburn Campus

It was a lovely day while celebrating International Friendship Day 2015 that was organized by Victoria University of Wellington Student Association (VUWSA). There were so many participants from many countries involved in this event, including New Zealand, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore and of course, Malaysia. There was performance from a group of Indonesian that played 2 traditional songs which were so mesmerizing. 

We have 2 Malaysian booths. The first booth was selling 'Nasi Kerabu', 'Keropok lekor', 'Bubur Lambuk' and Honey cornflake. The second booth sold 'popia', lemonade and 'murtabak maggi'. It was a good experience to get to know different traditional foods from different coutries and also to enhance students' soft skill in entrepreneurship. Hopefully, we can join more this kind of event to promote our beautiful country to other people.

WMSO Roar!!!


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