Bersatu Games 2016

Commencing from the 30th June 2016 until the 4th of July 2016, Wellington Malaysian Students' Organisation (WMSO) has participated in the annual Bersatu Games, which was held in Dunedin City, and hosted by the Otago Malaysian Students' Association (OMSA).

WMSO's sportsmen and sportswomen have participated and excelled in various sports such as badminton, table tennis, basketball, netball, tennis, futsal, speak takraw, touch rugby, football, frisbee, and volleyball. Meanwhile at night, debate tournament was carried out.

The followings are the details of the medals obtained by WMSO contingent:

  • Futsal
  • Badminton Female Singles
  • Touch Rugby
  • Tennis Men's Single

  • Football
  • Table Tennis Female Doubles

  • Tennis Female Singles
  • Badminton Female Doubles
  • Female Basketball
  • Sepak Takraw
  • Table Tennis Female Singles
  • Table Tennis Male Doubles 
  • Netball

Overall, WMSO won the fourth place. Heartiest congratulations to those who have won and millions thanks to those who have participated and demonstrated their ROARING spirit. Indeed, through Bersatu Games, bonds and friendships among us have been strengthened, and it definitely ignited the burning passion within us to do our best for WMSO in the future Bersatu Games. 

Special shoutout to our Chief De Mission this year, Faris Zulkifle, Sports Officer, Liyana Syahirah, captains, and execs who have been working hard to ensure everyone was well taken care of and everything went well. 

See you again next year!

 Sepak takraw team

 Table tennis female singles

 Female Basketball

 Table tennis 

 WMSO's contingent


 Touch Rugby




 Debate team






 Closing Dinner

 Closing Dinner 

    Closing Dinner 


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