Malaysia Week 2016

Wellington Malaysian Students' Organisation (WMSO) in collaboration with Education Malaysia New Zealand (EMNZ) and Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand (CAANZ), proudly presented to you this year, Malaysia Week!

An event for Malaysian students here in Victoria University of Wellington. There were a lot of activities going on the entire week for the Malaysian students, such as Merdeka Feud, Stairs to Merdeka, Warung Malaysia, Pertandingan Berbalas Pantun, Video Contest and Malaysia Day, which was open to non-Malaysians.

Malaysia Week Tentative

September 24th: Stairs to Merdeka (Boys' Event)

September 26th: Malaysia Day


 Traditional games

 Info Booth

Warung Malaysia

Traditional dance performances

Some of our international friends attending

September 26th: Merdeka Feud (Girls' Event)

September 29th: Closing Ceremony &Pertandingan Berbalas Pantun

"Anak Merdeka" Video Contest

Congratulations to all of our winners and thanks for being a part of our Malaysia Week!


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