Futsal for the Feet-hearted

Salam, Kia ora, Hello!

Dear Wellywonderfolks, did you get our fantastic email about the awesome futsal event we're materialising soon? Yes, no, maybe? C'mon, check it out, you're gonna love it (preference of what 'it' refers to is left ambiguous for your pondering pleasure).

Here's the summarised version of this entry:


WMSO Mixed Futsal 2009.

9th May 2009; Saturday; 10am-4pm.

Massey Recreation Centre, Mt Cook, Wellington.

It helps to cure boredom, motionlessness, and/or unsocial skills.

$50 per team, 5 to 7 people per group; At least 2 girls on court during game.


Please contact Mika (or) Iqa to book your team. Awesome prizes await! And for those who are intrigued by this fantabulous activity, here's a sight for sore eyes:

Free lunch for players!, i.e. to the teams that are registered to play.

For those who just feel like chilling out (aka sans-futsal-playing) on that day but are afraid of starving, worry not! There will be a food stall open, so bring some cash over on the day because we are not, unfortunately, EFTPOS-compatible.

For those wondering how to get there, people living in the CBD can catch bus #11 : check for stops closest to you.

Last words for all of you: keep warm, stay in school, and don't forget to register and/or come over to our wonderful futsal event... don't even think about missing it.

With Warmth & Regards,
WMSO Committee


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