Mixed Futsal '09 : report+pics

Salam, Kia ora, Hello!

We had 7 teams competing at the Rec Centre at Massey Uni today for our 2009 Mixed Futsal event. Suffice to say... It. Was. a Blast. Although the event started a bit later than the tentative 10am, the turn up was good and the weather outside was very pleasant. Looks like the heavens are still with us since our first sports event of the year (Mixed Netball). Alhamdulillah.

Without further ado, let's get on to the juicier stuff. Here's the 411 on the gold, silver, and bronze winners:
1st :
Ahmad Faruqi (Poqy)'s team - "Kaki Bangku"

2nd :
Che Mohd Ridhwan (CMR)'s team - "Zombie Kg. Pisang"

3rd :
Syafiq Ikhwan's team - "Lubuk"

Best players:
Male - Faiz Yatim (Lennon); Female - Wan Ling
Congrats to those who won medals, and we hope everyone who attended our humble (but awesome) event had a fantastic time. We'll update this entry with photos soon, AND We'll upload heaps more images in our online gallery in the near future.

Also, we would like to share this bit of info with you: in an effort to be more 'member'-friendly and progressive, we're considering a significant change in the Photo Dept. We'll let you in on the mystery soon enough. But, for the sake of enticing your curiosity : oh, the wonders of Web 2.0. ;)

Have a great (rest of the) weekend and keep smilin folks!

Only the Best Regards,
WMSO Committee

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