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Salam, Kia ora, Hello!

Today - Wellington Food Show


Chef Haslan, who was in a Wellington Food Show contest, won a prize! He was in the Soup competition and he made Sup Sohun Bergedil (Meatball Glass Noodle Soup), placing him 3rd.

[ Pictures courtesy of Affendi Yahya ]


being briefed

hard at work!


the winning dish

with a fan

All we can say is, Malaysia Boleh!

Affendi Yahya is promising us some sweet pics from the show - we'll post them as soon as we get them. Thanks Affendi!

Last words for the cool chef, keep it up, Chef Haslan. May this award bring more good fortune for you in the future. :)

last updated : 10/05/09 @5.39pm


Tomorrow - WMSO Mixed Futsal
Are you ready folks?
(Aye aye, WMSO!)
We can't hear you!!
(Aye aye, WMSO!)
..alright, alright. Before we butcher that Spongebob song any further, here's to remind everyone that tomorrow is the day of our 2009 futsal event. If you don't play, just come anyway!

Mmm... hot athletes healthy hobbies! ;P

Note : It is highly likely that it might rain tomorrow (oh Welly winter~!), so the bus services may run in late. To beat the traffic, why not come a little earlier in order to arrive on time? :) For those in the CBD, you can catch the #11 Bus in front of Rebel Sports (station's called James Smiths corner).

Be there and be square, y'all!

WMSO Committee


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