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Did that catch your attention? We sure hope it does!

M*Night is an event held yearly and is much anticipated by Malaysian students all over world. We don't plan to jeopardise our popularity and awesomeness by not having it this year, of course, so we're pleased to announce that M*Night is happening soon after our Trimester 2 academic session ends!

Simplified, here are some answers to your burning questions:
When is this held?
Tuesday, October 20th 2009, 8.00-10.30pm.

What's gonna happen there?
8.00 p.m. - Arrival of guests
8.30 p.m. - VIPs arrive
8.35 p.m. - Speeches from Datuk, WMSO President & M-Night Director
9.00 p.m. - Performance 1 & guests to start to feast
9.15 p.m. - Lucky Draw Round 1
9.30 p.m. - Performance 2 & Lucky Draw Round 2
9.45 p.m. - Awards for students
10.15. p.m. - Performance 3 & Lucky Draw Finale
10.30 p.m. - Closing

What do I wear?
Dresscode : Smart casual
Theme : When Malaysians See Orange
This year, you must wear something orange at M*Night! This can be any item, whether it's a shirt, accessories, shoelaces etc. Be creative! :)

How much is this?

How many seats are available?
Right now, the plan is 80 seats on a first-come-first-served basis. This is negotiable tho, so don't let this number scare you. :)

How do I pay?
You can pay electronically (banking) or by cash.

Electronic payments can only be done until Thursday, 15th October, while cash payments can be handed through our reps until Monday, 19th October 2009.

To pay electronically, here are the details:
  • Before you deposit your payment, please take note of our reference code system to prevent payment mix-ups.
    • Offline-banking: please use a 6-digit number that ONLY YOU know = 1 reference code.
    • Online banking: please use a 6-digit number that ONLY YOU know + 'MNIGHT' = 2 reference codes.
  • Please make payment to: 06-0606-0131830-01.
To pay by cash, please inform/contact our representatives:
  • Mohd Ashraf Md Zain (Acab IPBA). Ph: 0210776039
  • Fiffy Armiza (Fiffy IPBA). Ph: 0210775990
Please fill in this form to inform us of your payment arrangements. Thanks! :)
Where is the event?
James Cook Hotel Grand Chancellor (1).
147 The Terrace, 6011 Wellington. (04) 499 9500.
Any questions, suggestions, comments etc. regarding this event or anything else? Post 'em to us!

Hopefully everyone's dealing with things okay, whatwith coursework and tests filling up our final glorious days of Trimester 2. Be strong! Trimester 2 will end soon. :)

Take care and best regards,
WMSO Committee

Last updated : 15/10/09 @4.52pm


  1. mane nak cari baju oren,bagi la tema yg banyak option sket

  2. @apo.

    you don't have to wear an orange shirt, you can wear an orange cap, bangle, belt, bag, etc. as long as it's orange.


  3. i'm sick of orange!!!!

  4. @lennon.

    ala... be a sport :)

    it doesn't have to be anything majorly orange like shirts or pants or hats (although you can wear these if you want).

    go crazy, use your imagination~ :D

  5. why only 80 seats? i understood wmso registered folks are all over 200++
    ipba ppl saje da over 100 i think..

  6. 80 is only an approximate of how many people are going to attend m-night, for reservation purposes. if more than 80 ppl are interested, the organising committee is more than willing to negotiate with the hotel management - this just means that the hotel will equip the venue with more tables in the area (which, in case you were wondering, can accommodate more than 80) ;)

    all we can say is, don't worry about the number, just join in the fun and invite your friends! the more, definitely the merrier! :)


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