So Who's Up for M-Night?

Salam, Kia ora, Hello!

So we've gotten some people who've shown interest in coming to M*Night... but we're pretty darn sure a lot more people are coming... they just haven't informed us yet. What about you? ;)

Of course, being students ourselves, we totally understand and empathise since it's the final week of the study trimester. Everyone's probably bundled down by courseworks and stuff... other things have to be put aside for a while, eh?

Just so you know, this is a reminder that M*Night is happening this coming Tuesday and we are accepting reservations. Please note however, that there's a minor time amendment! To respect Maghrib prayers, the starting time has been shifted to 8.00 pm - 10.30 pm. :)

Some people are worried about the 80 seats issue, but rest assured, this is NOT a problem! This number is just an approximation for reservation purposes. The venue we've booked can easily accommodate a larger number, so if more than 80 people are coming for M*Night, the organising team will battle it out negotiate with the hotel management to make sure those who reserved+paid for a seat will get a seat, and, of course, a spot at the table to go with it. ;)

Do you need more convincing why you have to come? Well... here's some things to entice you with. We've got:
  1. Performances by our very own talented WMSO members;
  2. Awesome food, buffet-style, including vegetarian-friendly dishes and tantalising desserts;
  3. Acknowledgements for contributions of Bersatu Games athletes, Bahtera Budaya dancers, as well as WMSO & UMNO committees, and not forgetting...
  4. Lucky draws! What you could win: Samsung Digital Camera (10.2MP), mini digital photoframes, goodie bags and much more!
Interested? Curious? Nothing better to do? Read more about this year's M*Night!

All the best in your studies, and hope to see you there!

WMSO Committee
Last updated: 15/10/09 @ 5.04pm


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